The beginning of the industry defining the current company PERMON dates back to the 19th century when  industrial production boomed on the riverside of Berounka and historical milestones which played a significant role for the company development. Milestone year was 1824, when nobleman Karel Egon II. von Fürstenberg, built ironworks Marie – Anna in Roztoky for refining raw iron and later the sheet metal rolling mill.

The production continued the works of duke’s ironworks in Stará Huť (current Hýskov), Nová Huť (Nižbor) and Nový Jáchymov. At the time, Fürstenberg’s ironwork facility ranked amongst the most modern companies in Central Europe and the products are still historically recognised.

Engineering production boomed during the period after WWII. The production was based in Roztoky under many names – e.g. TOK, TRANSPORTA, NÁŘADÍ, PERMON etc. During this period, the production program of PERMON started to be formed and based on high quality of products. The success of Czech trademark PERMON is proven by its history and recently celebrated 60 years. It has also received awards for quality and particularly many satisfied customer on the domestic and foreign market. 
The products are applied worldwide